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Nowadays, with the market demand for the rapid replacement of product requirements, the market need processing equipment with higher flexibility . The application of fibre laser cutting machine brought the processing industry to a new vitality. Compared with traditional CNC punch press, the laser cutting machine has the advantages of 3C, 3S: Cool,

Clean, Calm, Sure, Save, Saving.Now introduce five related knowledge, so that we understand the laser cutting machine and CNC punch press.

1, the processing of materials

Fibre laser cutting machine can cut metal materials (including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, …),Can cut up to 25mm thick carbon steel. CNC punch press basically can cut generally not more than 6mm metal.

2, processing flexibility

From the perspective of flexibility, laser cutting machine has more advantages, cutting any shape and size of the hole; and punching can only punching a limited number of holes (32-station turret is considered a big), the case of special-shaped, Large-size holes, the use of small mold nibbling process, low efficiency, severe mold wear. In order to meet the processing needs of different products, CNC punch press must purchase a lot of molds (different sizes, the same size but for different thickness of the material), further, you must also prepare a storage warehouse mold, but also increased the demand for mold management.

3, accuracy, roughness

Fiber laser cutting machine is non-contact processing, stress-free, no deformation, positioning accuracy of ± 0.03mm, the workpiece accuracy is of ± 0.1mm, fine and smooth cutting section; CNC punching slightly less precision, blanking section burr, the workpiece has deformation.

4, efficiency, cost

A factory using the original punch + shears, shears need to be transported to the punch after cutting.Comprehensive comparison of the laser cutting machine (3kW fiber laser) and the cost of the punch: electricity, supplies (laser cutting machine supplies are focusing mirror, ceramic body, nozzles, mirrors, gas, etc .; punch supplies are the mold, etc.) Artificial, equipment depreciation, the result is that the cost of laser cutting machine 179 yuan / hour, punch 174 yuan / hour.For all the sheet metal parts (carbon steel, thickness 1.5 ~ 3mm) in a certain product of this factory, the processing efficiency was estimated. The result was 0.2 hours with laser cutting machine and 0.7 hours with punch press.Visible, fibre laser cutter has obvious advantages in the efficiency, cost.Of course, if the product is large and has a specially designed mold (such as a porous mold, but this will impair the flexibility), the efficiency of the CNC punch press can be increased until the laser cutting machine is comparable.

5, function, limitations

Laser cutting machine and CNC punch press have their own functional limitations.If you need to achieve blinds, shallow stretch, sink holes, flange holes, stiffeners, stamping and other functions (technology), you can only use CNC punch press.

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