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There are many reasons for fiber laser cutting machine collide the plate materials ,as follows :
—Calibration range is too small or Z-axis speed setting too large.The smaller calibration range setting,the smaller of distance movement,at the same time if the Z-axis speed of fiber laser cutting machine set too high,while follow speed is still not down to 0,then it will overshoot.Larger of Z-axis speed track in place,the greater of the overshoot.So the Z axis is greater than the speed of 100mm /s,the calibration range of recommendations 15mm.While the Z axis is greater than the speed of 250mm / s,the calibration range recommended setting is 20 ~ 25mm.


—Servo rigidity is too small
If servo rigidity is too small, it will lead to lag in response of the servo control signal of the controller, resulting in the collision board for fiber laser cutting system working.Such as Panasonic MINAS A5 series servo recommend rigid set of not less than 13.

—No warm-up
Please preheat 2 to 5 minutes waiting amplifier sampling capacitor stable, then operate BCS100 controller.
—Ceramic body nuts are not tightened.
If ceramic body did not tighten the lock nut,it may cause instability in capacitance is detected.

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Post time: May-26-2020