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工厂图-6 2S5A3320

1. Check the equipment pipeline and optical fiber for damage, or traces of oil or water leakage.

2. Check whether the oil, water, electricity and gas are normal.

3. Check whether there is any abnormal alarm when starting up:

·Turn on the device in accordance with the normal boot sequence;
·Can it be reset if there is an alarm?
4. Dry run, check whether there is abnormal noise:

·Before starting the equipment, please check whether there are foreign objects stacked or interfered in the operating range of the moving parts;
· Turn the override switch to 1%;
·Run program P900014 to increase the magnification gradually.
5. Choose a test program for proofing, or you can choose daily cut products for proofing test:

·Open the laser communication software to view the laser status;
·Check the cutting effect and processing accuracy.
If you have any abnormalities or questions, please feel free to contact the dedicated service engineer of your equipment, or call our customer service hotline

Post time: Jul-01-2021