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TS series tube special fiber laser cutting machine is a special tube cutting product launched by Ruijie Laser.

It integrates intelligence, efficiency and precision. It is equipped with Baichu 3000s system, which can meet the requirements of square tube and round tube while ensuring cutting accuracy.

Cutting requirements for special-shaped pipes such as pipes and rectangular pipes. It shows strong advantages in appearance design, safety protection, intelligent operation, and cutting level, bringing customers the best quality experience and service capabilities.

Automatic chuck

Fully automatic drive chuck, stable clamping of various pipes

No need to adjust the jaws, automatically adjust the clamping force

Reduce processing tails, high material utilization rate and good adaptability

Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding system, automatically call pipes according to the cutting program

Large loading of raw materials, the whole process is automatic, without manual intervention

Automatic blanking

Equipped with a blanking machine and an automatic tailing processing system, without manual blanking

The blanking and clamping function is powerful, preventing bending and swinging phenomenon, simple and easy to operate

Laser head

Raytools smart laser head, automatic focusing, high stability, good cutting quality

Fast perforation, smart cutting

Post time: Aug-28-2020